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[Sorry, I X-posted this...]

I need to ask a question about a movie that I saw as a child. I only remembers details of the movie, so I was hoping that maybe someone would recognize it as well, and tell me what it is called. Anyway, the details...

In the beginning, I remember a boy getting lost in the woods, or bumping his head. He either finds or wakes up on a spaceship. The spaceship is small, one room, and it speaks to the boy. I think it has a face or eye that changes colors. The room consists of just one chair in the middle, and a large window. The spaceship can change shape and goes very fast. There is a scene in which the boy is flying the ship himself and they are going over fields, valleys, and water. I remember the spaceships getting angry about something towards the end. The last part I remember is when the boy gets back to his house and it is the Fourth of July or something, because his family is out on a boat with sparkles...I think it was a boat. Not quite sure. I was young when I saw it.

I just want to know what movie this is, because it has been bugging me for a while now. =)
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